Poetic Prompt: When in Pain, Have Patience

When you feel some pain, you just want it to go away but sometimes you must endure it for a while. What better way to transcend pain than by trying to create a poem that allows you to overcome it! Yes! Even when your ability to think is limited by the pain endured, you can become inspired by the following thought:

The pain I endure is temporary. It will eventually pass. All I need is patience. Perhaps, even a little bit more of patience than I originally thought, again and again, until it subsides.

Now, with that thought in mind: start thinking about how could you write a poem about pain and patience. Perhaps, you are in pain right now and it is the worst moment to be creative because all your mind wants to focus on is on the pain, but don’t let yourself wallow in suffering. Use that suffering and transcend it by writing the first sentence of your poem. I will give you an example with the beginning of a poem I will create by next week about pain and patience:

When the torment blows, and the rivers meet stone, I shall stand firm against it all.

Does this phrase inspire you? Go on and use it. If it doesn’t, try using the image as a prompt too. For example, think about sport injuries. How can an athlete endure pain? How can we think ourselves as athletes across the track of life? Another way to see it is, perhaps, by making an analogy between pain as a warning sign that something should change and we need patience to allow the body or the experience to change. Do you have other ideas that enhance our prompt? Suggest away!

I would love to read your unique vision about having patience when in pain. When you are stuck in a moment where all you can think is about that thing (such as pain) ramming through your mind, use that and create something until it no longer haunts you. You’ll be doing something productive while growing yourself away from that which allures you with force or strife. If something is urging you to pay attention to it, go and see what it is, but once you’ve discovered you’ve transcended it: You no longer need to pay attention to that. You’ve grown! So congratulations if you did finish the poem, I’m proud of you. Share your poem with me, if you want. I would love to read it!

If you still need more inspiration, don’t worry, I finished a poem using this prompt that can inspire you further. Poems take time and patience too! Therefore, I will come back by the end of the week with a link to my poem created by this prompt with music and an image, of course!  So stay tuned!  The poem I created inspired by this prompt is called Seeping into Patience. I didn’t exactly use the phrase I suggested, but it gives you an idea about how you can use a phrase to inspire the beginning of your own work. Give it a try!


Poetic prompts can be used with any art. The poetic can be extended to being poetry, so choose your art. Use any poetic prompt.