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Why is poetry vitally important?

Trees as flowers

Poetry is vitally important because it exposes us to the truth of being, in such a way, that we can become poetry. By being truly poetic or poietic, our relationship with the world changes. It is no longer an issue of what the world can do for me (e.g. utilitarianism), but what can we do together to manifest the truth within through the beautiful and even the sublime.  If I can manifest such, then I am no longer a prisoner of the darkness that pulls mankind to hide itself from the truth. I become a beacon of transparency, a poietic…

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Where does the word poetry come from?

The word poetry originally comes from the greek ‘poiesis’ which means: “a making, fabrication, creation, production”.[1] “ποίησις.” Greek Word Study Tool. Accessed July 10, 2015. According to the philosopher Martin Heidegger, Plato defines poiesis in “Symposium (205b):… “Every occasion for whatever…