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How to break patterns like Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare

We are doomed to repeat history if we do not study it and understand those who walked before us. If we want to destroy the cliché to renew and find better ways to express ourselves, we must have exhausted the artful management of poetic language. We must detect our patterns and learn languages to break those patterns. It is not an easy task if you simply believe it can be done through a particular language alone. We must embrace clichés if we aren’t prepared to detect those patterns. You might feel you are above clichés, you aren’t. We aren’t. If…

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Where does the word poetry come from

Where does the word poetry come from?

The word poetry originally comes from the greek ‘poiesis’ which means: “a making, fabrication, creation, production”.[1] “ποίησις.” Greek Word Study Tool. Accessed July 10, 2015. According to the philosopher Martin Heidegger, Plato defines poiesis in “Symposium (205b):… “Every occasion for whatever…