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What is MetaContextual Poetry?

MetaContextual Poem

The Problem I have struggled with what defines “good” poetry. When I was studying poetry, I was told, “a poem should stand by itself. It does not need clarifications, if it does, go back to the drawing board.” Yet, I want to break rules that seem to make sense. For example, I have already decided that the rule: don’t publish anything that isn’t good, doesn’t work for me. I have published exploratory poems and defined a poetic form called exploratory to justify posting online “edit-phase” poems. This time, I want to publish poems with a web of clarifications, a spectrum…

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Where does the word poetry come from?

The word poetry originally comes from the greek ‘poiesis’ which means: “a making, fabrication, creation, production”.[1] “ποίησις.” Greek Word Study Tool. Accessed July 10, 2015. According to the philosopher Martin Heidegger, Plato defines poiesis in “Symposium (205b):… “Every occasion for whatever…


What is poetry?

Poetry is a wandering window to and fro the unknown, a gateway. Poetry is the sacred chiming of silence that breaks down logic while still dreaming in Fibonacci spirals.[1] For example, there is a poetic form called FIB. This form…