Being Poetry

Discover the intricate but delicate lines crossing the boundaries between the social sciences and the arts. If you enter this journey, you might be surprised to know that you might as well be as philopoietic as her.

Enter the phenomenal world of a poet


My hypothesis is that being is love insofar one can see oneself as Being Poetry. Being Poetry is an infinite process that reveals implicate fullest love resulting in seeing others as Being Poetry.


The method I used is poetic inquiry. Poetic Inquiry informs the way I analyze my poems through an autoethnography. Poetic inquiry and autoethnography are both part of the social sciences.

Literature Review

I review the notion of authethnography. Although autoethnography is mainly a postmodern construct, one has to transcend postmodernism’s bias toward fragmentation.

Conceptual Framework

I use an empathetic, intersubjective, and introspective framework within the autoethnography after having analyzed the data through poetic inquiry.

A Study of Being as Love

Being is lights in the cosmos covered by rivers of passing clouds which sleep in a forest of constellations.
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