Welcome To Being Poetry

This website will take you into a journey to the poetic self. It will show you through images and texts how to see beyond and appreciate the beauty of the mundane. It will also explain poetic concepts and philosophy in order to share how perceiving through unconditional love can lead us into being poetry.

I am a poet and Mphil in Humanities graduate

that will show you how to experience a poetic life and understand what being poetry means through philosophy, exercises, challenges, deconstructions, resources, and much more

Perception Enhanced

I will provide audios, videos, photos, or texts that will help us enhance our perception, e.g., I will present a mundane object and through metaphor, description, or even games I will invite the reader to see beyond.


Poetic Challenge

I will provide with a text, audio, video, or photo, and after a brief example I will challenge the reader to create their own poem, text, audio, video, and photo.



I will provide links to courses, resources, books, and other information that will help you become more poetically literate.

Poetics Explained

I will define some poetic concepts and explore the philosophy of poetry. I will also explain how to create certain poetic forms and how we can diverge from the form but still be poetically rigorous .

Enjoy my poetic work at

My poetry centers on the concepts of truth and beauty, but mostly love. I believe that our being as poetry is to act through love, a creative process that unfolds throughout our life.


The site is still in construction and will go live soon








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